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Welcome to My Beautiful Ealing. This site evolved because of a passion that I had for two films in particular The Halfway House, The Dead of Night. Both of which were produced by The Great Ealing Studios who had churned out some of the best British films ever.

It was an aim to find the locations used in both films that I decided to create a website a sort of picture diary if you will. None the less finding these locations was not easy, I certainly did not set out thinking it was going to be easy. But alas I finally got what I wanted but more, nobody had even covered any of them I was the first.

Here you can move at your leisure, look over the pictures of then and now, to a number of great vintage films. The Tawny Pipit was not an Ealing film but I thought I just had to cover this one as personal to me only. But if you love what I have put together than I have achieved my goal.

I also to think it is equally important to include other such websites who are involved in documenting similar subjects. Think of this site as sort of a hyper-store of many other websites big and small. There also maybe questions that you might have- for you there are a number of websites on here you can go to for information.

What must be understood to those who think why bother? Well there are many people out there who would love to know where a particular television programme or film was made. There are many vintage classical films which should never be forgotten.

Every person has a favorite film which is treasured but truly special to them for what ever the reason maybe.  .

Directors as well as actors alike have worked hard to perfect the art depicted in film. We  were handed a legacy, a magic a splendor unlike of which cannot be found in films of  today. The Early Ealing era was very special but contained many timeless classics some of which have been remade but can never release the same charisma that the originals certainly did.

Should you have any questions based on where a particular British film was made or you are looking for that elusive film title check out www. Probably one of the best British film communities on the web!

Another splendid website is there may be something of interest to you here also? So go and check it out.

If you require further information on the original location site used in The Halfway House  as well as the history of the estate. Please go to this wonderfully informative website  or why not visit Whats On Exmoor


I wish to thank the following people for their contributions on The Halfway House Project. Martin Tester, Howard Sprengar, Julien Evers, Robin North,  Peter Edwards. The owners of the Black Cock Inn.Thank you also goes out to all those who may have contributed to My Beautiful Ealing but are not mentioned here. As well as CarryOnForever from Youtube for allowing the inclusion of Carry On Ealing. Another new update to this site is from Stroudtimewatch featured here is his brilliant The Titfield Thunderbolt then and now.

Carlito Corway 2002



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